Joao Heep - Expert, speaker and trainer
With your head, your plan and your cleverness for your success!

Relentlessly honest, motivating and everyday in a nutshell, Joao presents the mirror to his attendees. His motto: If you want to have a different result, then you have to do something different, he brings clear, understandable and easy in his seminars. How exactly does it look like? Let's find out together!


Which type of superhero are you?

Goal / Vision

What is your motivation?


What are you planning after you reach your goal?

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17.09.2017Empfehlung! Erst wenn manganz am Boden ist, keinen Ausweg mehr findet, treten genau die Menschen auf, die uns an die Hand nehmen und uns vorm ertrinken retten. Das zu schätzen lernst du erst , wenn du es erlebt hast. Dafür bin auch ich sehr dankbar, ich bin sehr stolz auf mich was ich bis jetzt geleistet habe. Meine Lebenslinien gestern war ein Zick-Zack, jetzt sind es schon weiche Wellen, bis die Linie fast gerade wird gibt es noch ein bisschen zu tun, ich bin auf dem besten Wege. Danke an alle meine Trainer und Mentoren 🙏👍👌Das Leben ist so wunderbar




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Public Seminars

Find your passion! Make your life as you like it!Create your goal achievement plan! Let yourself be motivated to be able to shape changes in your life.

Corporate Trainings

"This seminar day was a definite enrichment for all of us. I can recommend Joao Heep. Especially for companies that have already tried "everything" in the past. Joao Heep does it differently and we needed that. We can imagine booking Joao Heep for more days." Steffen Beckers Human Resources Manager IKEA


"Mr. Heep is extremely dedicated, open and trustworthy. Due to his motivation and support, I am now able to independently solve problems that for years have been insurmountable. We have achieved the agreed goals very well; even if it stopped, Mr. Heep always found the right way to get closer to my goals. Thank you very much! " Irene I.


"There were 27 executives, as well as our works council. Joao Heep managed to pick up every single participant within the first 5 minutes and was able to establish direct contact with our executives. " Steffen Beckers Manager Human Resources IKEA


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MASTERCLASS find your passion in Frankfurt surroundings
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MASTERCLASS of starting ideas in Frankfurt surroundings
31.05 – 03.06.
Prerequisite: Masterclass is your passion & starting ideas, as well as a written application
09.06. – 10.06.
MASTERCLASS of staring ideas

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