About Joao Heep

Joao has long been aware that in life there should only be one person who can decide this - you! Nevertheless, there are many people who do not do that and let the will of other people dictate. Through contact with the first training to become a Stress & Burnout Coach, Joao recognizes the connections between human behavior. People do things or do not do things because they have learned to do so. If so, positive behaviors can be strengthened. Be it in a private or professional context. If so, it just means knowing what to do. Joao Heep's mission is to make his ZES (Goal Achievement Strategy) accessible to as many people as possible. This resulted in the MASTERCLASS of starting ideas.

Joao Heep is husband of Nadine and father of Penelope and Xenia. He was born, adopted and raised in Brazil until the age of five. His professional life is characterized by sales and still today. Joao coaches sales colleagues on the job.

His vision is to help people develop their potential so that they can help other people realize their potential.