MASTERCLASS find your passion

  • Do you know that others say that you always need a goal in life, or have to follow your passion?
  • What do you think, how many people, or people you know, tell that you need a purpose in life and have not found their own?
  • How interesting would it be if you knew your own passion?
  • Also, how exciting would it be if you knew exactly what you are capable of and you suddenly get the clarity to do what you really want?

First of all, I think it's great that you are interested in the topic of personality development. With that you are far ahead of others. Because many people out there think that their life is the way it is because it has always been that way and therefore it has to be that way. Some people do not believe that life is like that because they chose it.

You do not! You are the person who feels that deep down there is a desire for more. Very few people realize this and the least of them realize this desire. You are one of them!

You're different and wonder how you're going your way. And what sets you apart from the others is clear that you do not stop at the thought, but let action follow.

Thank you for your interest and that you will read until the end! Because you are different!

I am Joao Heep and accompany you through the day event!
This 1 day event is the MASTERCLASS find your passion.

What will you take with you at the end of the event?

  • You will find your passion
  • You will know what you are capable of and how to get where you want to be
  • You'll know how to keep motivating yourself to live your passion
  • You will know to be in harmony with you and your environment
  • You'll know how to clean up with old negative patterns and focus

I've been selling and selling for over 12 years, training and coaching 1300 people in 13 companies. In a private environment, I coach a national coach and privately people who want more for themselves and others.

The difficulties that all have in common is that, while they have goals, they do not know how to reach their goals.Often it depends on the lack of stamina and the lack of discipline. The main reason, however, is the lack of passion, vision and overall goal.

I help him find the passion for other people and for you, because I was in the situation myself and I still know that it is not easy to pursue, let alone achieve, your goals. Many people have goals that keep challenging them. What makes me keep working on my goal every day is my why!

What I play at the event is not just gray theory. On the contrary, it is the naked reality and packed with fun and action. At the event no one is exposed. I make sure that we are and will stay energized throughout the day.

Some participants wonder if the event will take several days?

The answer is no!

I even recommend you to attend the 1st "MASTERCLASS find your passion" before you book the other events. This event offers you one of the essential and above all safe base to reach your goals.

You can see this as a perfect preparation for the 2nd MASTERCLASS of starting ideas . This event is scheduled for 2 days. The 3rd "MASTERCLASS stay hungry" is a special event. This takes place only twice a year. There, the number of participants is limited to 15 people. This event is 5 days and takes place abroad. Applications are mandatory. I ask you for your understanding.

The "MASTERCLASS find your passion" is a day event. This one day is definitely necessary for you to work on your passion, your why, your inner fire.

The reason why the participants register for this seminar is that they realize that there is something and they do not know what and / or that they have already tried everything and maybe just fight against the inner bastard.

No matter what the reason is, on this day you take the time just for you. On this day, you and your environment are in focus.

I offer you and all other involved content. I will not mince words and you'll find out what's in you. I've made it my mission to help you get the most out of yourself so you can be clear and trust yourself, that you have the skills to make your own life. Of course it is not easy. Nobody said that either. And that's why it's important to know who, or what you do, why!

Two questions for you:

  • Would not it be great to know how you can get yourself to do what you want?
  • Do you also find that interesting to know why people do what they do to get where they want to go?

You will give everything on this day. You will be able to discover your passion. In group work your topic is discussed and you get direct feedback.

The description of the seminar is simply written:

On this day you will learn what your passion is, how you can follow it and how to align your actions with your passion.

I present my method after I and other people work and live their passion, or are still on their way.

The whole thing is completely voluntary and should be used to finally address your wish, dream, project, etc. If you are honest, that is actually the reason why it still does not work as you want it today.

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