MASTERCLASS of starting ideas

  • Do you know that, that you have always made something very specific and you have not done it then?
  • What do you think, how many people, or people you know, could do something different today than what they do today?
  • How interesting would it be if you could manage to do this one very specific thing for you?
  • How exciting would it be if you know exactly what your next steps are?

First of all, I think it's great that you are interested in the topic of achieving goals. This definitely puts you two steps ahead of others. Because certainly many think that you have to have goals, but few sit down which. The reason for this is that they probably do not know exactly what their real goal is and then work day by day and sit at home on the couch in the evening and are unhappy and dissatisfied with their overall situation. 

Do you know the people who have no desire for the morning evenings, because they then have to work?

You are different and think about how you can achieve your goals. And what sets you apart from the others is clear that you do not stop at the thought, but let these actions follow or will let you.

Thank you for your interest and that you will read until the end! Because you are different!

I am Joao Heep and accompany you the 2 days to your Zieplan.

This 2 day event is the MASTERCLASS of starting ideas. With the "7 points to achieve the goal", you will learn how you arrange your thoughts and create your goal plan!

What will you take with you at the end of the event?

  • You will have a concrete goal
  • You will have created a concrete target plan for you
  • You will know how to define your future goal (s)
  • You will know how to concretize your future goal (s)
  • You will know how to structure your goal (s)
  • You will know how to permanently motivate yourself day by day to approach and implement your project
  • You will know what types of people you get as in your team
  • You will know how to communicate your goal to other people

I've been selling and selling for over 12 years, training and coaching 1300 people in 13 companies. In a private environment, I coach a national coach and privately people who want more for themselves and others.

The difficulties that all have in common is that while they have goals, they do not know how to reach them.

After the people had created this target plan, they could immediately celebrate their first successes, such as 25% over-sale or promotion to the Bundesliga.

I do that because I was in the situation myself and I still know that it's not easy to pursue, let alone achieve, your goals. Even today, I have new goals that continually challenge me. But I know how to handle it. Despite my 2 children, my wife, my dog, my permanent employment and my Entrepreneur existence in the field of IT -HealthCare.

The event is not just gray theory. On the contrary, it is the naked reality and packed with fun and action. At the event no one is exposed. I make sure that we are and will stay energized throughout the day.

Some participants wonder if that can not be done in one day?
The answer is no!

I even recommend you to attend the 1st "MASTERCLASS find your passion" before you book the other events. This event offers you one of the essential and above all safe base to reach your goals.

You can see this as a perfect preparation for the 2nd MASTERCLASS of starting ideas . This event is scheduled for 2 days. The 3rd "MASTERCLASS stay hungry" is a special event. This takes place only twice a year. There, the number of participants is limited to 15 people. This event is 5 days and takes place abroad. Applications are mandatory. I ask you for your understanding.

The MASTERCLASS of starting ideas is set at two days. These two days are definitely necessary to give you the opportunity to better address your personal issues.

The reason why the participants register for this seminar is either to learn new ideas, methods or approaches to achieve their goals, and / or that they have already tried everything and maybe just fight against their inner bastard.

No matter what your reason is, on the two days you take the time just for you and what you want to achieve. In these two days, you are in focus and how you manage to finally realize your goals.

I offer you and all other involved content. I will not mince words and you'll find out what's in you. I've made it my mission to help you get the most out of yourself so you can be clear and trust yourself, that you have the skills to reach your goal. Of course it is not easy. Nobody said that either. And that's why it's important to have a plan that will guide you to your goal.

Writing down where you want to go is one of the things you need. But what is key to success is your mindset to go that way as well. You will see that consequences have a positive side. You will feel that decisions are liberating. And you will hear that you are not alone with it.

Two questions for you:

  • Would not it be great to know how you can get yourself to do what you want?
  • Do you also find that interesting to know what you need to do to make others do what you want?

On these 2 days you will concretely write your guide to the achievement of goals. It is discussed in group work your topics and you can customize your plan individually.

The description of the seminar is simply written:

On these two days, you will learn how to finally approach your goals, your wishes and put into action. Maybe you have tried this before, but it did not work out? Then you are not alone. This is also the case with many other participants. There are always days when you are more or less motivated. However, there are things around you that you can not see for yourself right now that are helping you to get started.

I present my method after I and other people work and achieve your goals or are still on their way.

The whole thing is completely voluntary and should be used to finally address your wish, dream, project, etc. If you are honest, that is actually the reason why it still does not work today.

I look forward to our personal meeting.